FACES OF WOMEN (Désiré Ecaré, 1985)

Winner of the International Critics’ Prize at Cannes, Désiré Ecaré’s Faces of Women, from Ivory Coast, shows a society in transition. In particular, its focus is the status of women as this evolves from patriarchal oppression—the residue, ironically, of both tribal organization and colonialist imposition—to newer demands by women for social and political equality. We […]


For years I’ve postponed seeing La Ilusión viaja en tranvía (Illusion Travels by Streetcar) on the supposition that, made thriftily and even half-heartedly in a few weeks, it wasn’t one of Luis Buñuel’s necessary films. I was wrong. It’s remarkable. Among the films that the self-exiled Spaniard made in Mexico during Franco’s despotic tenure in […]