SCHINDLER’S LIST (Steven Spielberg, 1993)

Less film than event, Schindler’s List is notable for its subject matter and the scope of its promotion. Many reviewers, because partial to his work in the first place, have disingenuously pronounced Steven Spielberg “vindicated” by this film, and Spielberg himself has proclaimed it the work he is most proud of. Schindler’s List swept its […]

WAR AND PEACE (Anand Patwardhan, 2002)

War and Peace (Jang Aur Aman), from India, is a documentary about the nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan—a very personal matter for its filmmaker, Anand Patwardhan, a Gandhian pacifist. Patwardhan would have had India hew to another nationalistic course, but, as he ruefully remarks in looking back on the last decade or so, […]