One of the most electrifying thrillers ever made, Louis Malle’s first film, Elevator to the Gallows (Lift to the Scaffold; Frantic), opened up to me recently, revealing a depth of concerns that, during five or six previous viewings, had somehow been lost to my too-often-too-complacent head. Why I missed so much probably owes something to […]

THE DELTA (Ira Sachs, 1996)

The Delta, a good first feature, was shot on a shoestring, in 16mm. Ira Sachs directed from his own script. A “gay film” insofar as the two lead characters are young homosexuals (I know nothing about Sachs’s own sexual orientation), The Delta is in fact a study of the impingement of raucously contemporary issues on […]

JUNEBUG (Phil Morrison, 2005)

We each have our different tastes and just as others, I’m sure, are appalled by mine from time to time, I am appalled by the praise that has been heaped on Junebug, the sentimental union of soap opera and farce that first-time scenarist Angus MacLachlan and first-time director Phil Morrison have wrought, to my taste, […]