MODESTY BLAISE (Joseph Losey, 1966)

In one of the ugliest movies I’ve seen, Quentin Tarantino’s onanistic Pulp Fiction (1994), a two-bit hooligan named Vincent Vega (John Travolta, lame, making a comeback) reads a book by Peter O’Donnell, a novelization based on a popular British comic strip of O’Donnell’s. My eyes haven’t lit on a single frame of the strip, but […]

THE PETRIFIED FOREST (Archie Mayo, 1936)

In my piece about Moontide (1942), I attribute to Archie Mayo much greater talent than was considered his due in his own day. (Mayo was regarded as being more dependable than gifted.) However, Fritz Lang directed some of that exceptionally moody and powerful film, and Robert Florey and Michael Curtiz, though likewise uncredited, are alleged […]