LES DIABOLIQUES (Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1954)

We change in many ways over time, and sometimes a film with which we are familiar strikes us very differently than it once did. I recall a time when I didn’t much like Henri-Georges Clouzot’s celebrated thriller Les diaboliques (Diabolique, in the U.S.; more accurately, Fiends in Great Britain). Eventually, I gave it a grudging […]

BLAISE PASCAL (Roberto Rossellini, 1971)

“[Pascal] was a very boring man, who never made love in his life.” — Roberto Rossellini      One of the most beautiful of Roberto Rossellini’s unsentimental, highly analytic, deeply moving present-tense histories, Blaise Pascal examines seventeenth-century Europe from the perspective of a scientist, philosopher and mathematician who helped change the world by advancing the cause of […]