SPIDER (David Cronenberg, 2002)

Sometimes it takes a subsequent film to expose how inadequate another film really is. Although I knew that Ron Howard is a puny director, I modestly praised A Beautiful Mind (2001), tortuously explaining its good qualities on the basis of Howard’s own paranoia—in his case, not mental illness such as afflicted his protagonist, John Nash, […]


He struggles daily. At 17 a Marine, in Memphis, in boredom he took to beer & cocaine. Ousted from the service, he’s back in school: math & English, keeping (he says) dry and clean. At 20 he works hard, and hard, to forget; he has lied, denied, even dealt. He is constantly seduced. How else […]


THE WORD MAN for Peter Levitt So you know me. I am the bungler who misses sleep, apples meant for the basket which I also drop. Taste the salt I leave on kitchen tables. Am I ready for a season of rhyme? You know my name. I have hidden it in stars so you would […]