HOLOGRAM for Denise Gaeta You turn the lights off. Another, special light; there, chess pieces on thick glass: flashing like deep sleep, the fossil of eternal night. All is stilled by the dark, immeasurable drape of space with which the pieces calmly contend. Skeleton from some fable, the white gods draw down our hands and […]


The silver squirrel splits grass into a stream of smoke. A fly inside a boy’s bottle flings itself from jaw to jaw. Another child bathes in earth. The robin is her friend; her fingers, worms he will not eat.

PANDAEMONIUM (Julien Temple, 2000)

Julien Temple, the director of music videos, works erratically throughout Pandaemonium, for which Frank Cottrell Boyce has written a fanciful and ridiculous script. According to this fractured literary history, villainous William Wordsworth tries sabotaging one-time best friend Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s career, tricking him into burning the manuscript of “Kubla Khan.” Fortunately, an opium-fried, insane Dorothy […]

TINTA ROJA (Francisco J. Lombardi, 2000)

From Peru, Red Ink, by Francisco J. Lombardi, addresses the exploitive role enacted by crime reporters working for a tabloid newspaper. It is mediocre stuff, somewhat enjoyable, that gets botched by and bogged down in the usual seasoned reporter-mentoring-novice soap opera stuff, with a few other bruising melodramatic flourishes (reporter’s retarded son’s brutal death, cub […]