GIGLI (Martin Brest, 2003)

Sure, Gigli (pronounced so that it rhymes with really) is bad; but as bad as writer-director Martin Brest’s earlier Scent of a Woman (1992) or Meet Joe Black (1998)? No way.
     Indeed, one of the most disparaged Hollywood entertainments of all time is pretty entertaining. The ridiculous plot about the kidnapping of a mentally challenged youth to apply pressure to a government attorney who is prosecuting a mobster proves the vehicle for a nice smattering of smiles and laughs.
     Moreover, gorgeous Jennifer Lopez “opens up” in her lesbian role, giving a warm and winning performance.
     Finally, Al Pacino, who was dreadful (though Oscar-winning) in the Vittorio Gassman role in Brest’s unendurable remake of Dino Risi’s Scent of a Woman, is riveting as the mobster in Gigli, equally terrifying and hilarious. Keep your eyes on his eyes!

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