THE GOOD SHEPHERD (Robert De Niro, 2006)

Moody, atmospheric film about pioneering U.S. counterintelligence from the perspective of an operative in the O.S.S. and, after the Second World War, the C.I.A. It is a film about secrets, lies and conflicting loyalties, and the toll these take on the covert agent and his family.      Matt Damon’s inability to use his body in a […]

LE GRAND MELIES (Georges Franju, 1953)

Set to a waltz composed by Méliès, Georges Franju’s film about Georges Méliès is charming, nostalgic, imbued with a sense of the fleeting nature of life.      Drawn from documents at La Cinémathèque française and from Méliès’s ninety-year-old widow’s cherished memories, Le Grand Méliès is a silent film with voiceover written by Franju and recited by […]