MOTHER KUSTERS GOES TO HEAVEN (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1975)

Having made, mostly from his own scripts, more than forty films during his scant time on earth (he was 37 when he joined Mother Kusters in heaven), Rainer Werner Fassbinder was as interesting as he was prolific. Probably he was the best-known member of the West German “New Wave” which, beginning in the ’60s, transformed […]

WITH BEAUTY AND SORROW (Masahiro Shinoda, 1965)

From Nobel Laureate Yasunari Kawabata’s novel, Masahiro Shinoda’s Utsukushisa to kanashimi to lends exquisite mise-en-scène and color cinematography to a romantic melodrama about a monstrous revenge plot. A young woman avenges her same-sex lover, who years ago was seduced and abandoned by a now famous writer and bore their stillborn child, by seducing his son […]

THUMBSUCKER (Mike Mills, 2005)

Thumbsucker, writer-director Mike Mills’s first feature, was shot in Beaverton, Oregon, a placid, sterile, parochial suburb of Portland. Mills has repeatedly misidentified the town as “Beaverwood,” a mistake that is apt since Beaverton, like many suburban communities, can hardly be said to have an identity of its own. One of the film’s attributes is how […]