BITTER SWEAT (Sonia Valentín, 2003)

From Puerto Rico, Sudor Amargo (Bitter Sweat), by Sonia Valentín, is about the responses of women workers to the imminent closing, due to high operational costs, of the fish-cleaning factory at which they work. The U.S. owner is shipping the factory down to South America, where, among other benefits to him, wages are lower. The […]


Children of the Century (Les enfants du siècle), directed by Diane Kurys, is about one of the most famous and most tumultuous love affairs of all time. The participants, both French Romantics, are the dissolute, brilliant poet and dramatist Alfred de Musset and the Baroness Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin, whose novels, written under the pseudonym of George […]