With an agile mix of situational farce, political cabaret, and various cinematic forms (including the animated cartoon and the black-and-white silent), Ela Troyano’s Carmelita Tropicana: Your Kunst Is Your Waffen amiably tests just how many disparate styles a half-hour film can accommodate—and without breaking into a formal sweat. This daffy, at times deliriously funny film—second […]

EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE (Glenn Andreiev, 2002)

The digital feature Every Move You Make turns hackneyed material into something fresh and irresistibly charming. Written and directed by Glenn Andreiev from a story by Paul Kanter, the film, about a young woman who claims she is being stalked, masks a series of subtle inflections beneath an engagingly blunt, rough-hewn style. The film is […]

ONE HOUR PHOTO (Mark Romanek, 2002)

The condition of loneliness is the principal topic of interest in One Hour Photo, a disturbing film written and directed by Mark Romanek, who is used to making music videos. An engrossing entertainment, it provides some genuine thrills but only hints at the kind of significant thematic exploration capable of contextualizing or fathoming the lonely […]