STATE OF SIEGE (Costa-Gavras, 1972)

U.S. support for South American military dictatorships was a fact of geopolitical life during the Cold War. The U.S., often covertly through the C.I.A., assisted governments in combating insurgents—guerrillas officials branded as terrorists. Today, the U.S. still favors fascist governments over democratic ones since the former accommodate U.S. business interests while the latter oppose exploitation […]


I cannot say that I am able to follow all the plot elements of Jon Jost’s Rembrandt Laughing. Jost himself has explained that he was aiming to tell the story “without telling the story”—indirectly, elliptically; and some early-Godardian business involving gangsters defeated my comprehension. But what a marvelous movie this is—and one with renewed relevance […]