THE TANGO LESSON (Sally Potter, 1997)

The seventh feature by English filmmaker Sally Potter, who made the gorgeous Orlando (1992), The Tango Lesson is a brilliant musical. The film draws on three of Potter’s passions: humanity, film, and dance. With its self-reflexivity, as Sally the character goes about making a film which in effect becomes The Tango Lesson, the film recalls […]

THE MAN BY THE SHORE (Raoul Peck, 1993)

The Man by the Shore is about Haiti, where its maker, Raoul Peck, served briefly as Minister of Cultural Affairs until he resigned in 1997. Peck himself was born in Haiti, in Port-au-Prince, in 1953, but he and his family, fleeing the dictatorship of François (“Papa Doc”) Duvalier, moved to Zaire (now the Democratic Republic […]

MACHUCA (Andrés Wood, 2004)

September 11. On that day in 1973, a violent coup d’état took place in Chile, backed by the pathological U.S. presidency of Richard Nixon and the Central Intelligence Agency. The Chilean military, led by General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, overthrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende and Allende, abandoned by Leftist supporters attending to their […]