FAITHLESS (Liv Ullmann, 2000)

One of the world’s most celebrated actresses, Liv Ullmann first tried filmmaking at age 42, when she wrote and directed the segment “Parting” for the composite film Love (1982). Her sixth film, Trolösa (Faithless), confirms what her previous film, Private Confessions (1996), impressed upon me: that Ullmann is a superlative film artist. As was the […]


Below, in alphabetical order, are the titles of films that have been directed wholly or in part by one or more women and about which I have written somewhere on this blogsite. About some of these films I have written full pieces (“film reviews”), 300-word entries (“formal capsule film comments”) or more conversational jottings (“informal […]

HARVEST TIME (Marina Razbezhkina, 2004)

One of our expectations when a film is narrated, whether omnisciently or by one of its characters, is that the narrator knows enough to be an expert guide for us. From the Ukraine and the Russian Federation, Harvest Time (Vremya zhatvy), the first feature by documentarian and short nondocumentary filmmaker Marina Razbezhkina, delightfully tests this […]