JAHRGANG ’45 (Jürgen Böttcher, 1965)

Alfred is a 23-year-old East German automobile mechanic whose two-year marriage to Lisa, a maternity ward nurse, is dissolving. Al is in fact divorcing Li, but the judge in the case has given him six weeks to reconsider and withdraw his petition for divorce. Family, friends and his employer all put in their two cents […]

PRIDE & PREJUDICE (Joe Wright, 2005)

Whatever its shortcomings, of which there are a few, Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice may well prove to be what Much Ado About Nothing (1993)—which has a few shortcomings of its own—is for the 1990s: the most purely entertaining film of its decade. Witty, fiercely feminist, strangely moving and, above all, deliriously romantic, it is […]

PARIS, JE T’AIME (twenty different filmmakers, Emmanuel Benbihy, 2006)

I cannot imagine, nor do I wish to imagine, anyone’s not cherishing this rich, funny, heartrending entertainment. Paris, je t’aime consists of eighteen short films, each by a different filmmaker or pair of filmmakers, each located in a different district or section of the City of Lights. It is a single film, however, a unified […]