25TH HOUR (Spike Lee, 2002)

A tedious, clichéd, appallingly sentimental movie about post-9/11 New York City angst, 25th Hour reconfirms director Spike Lee’s low level of accomplishment as filmmaker. Despite a sturdier script than he is accustomed to work with, by David Benioff, based on Benioff’s pre-9/11 novel, Lee whips up, as if by rote, another one of his incoherent, […]

THE BLOOD OF A POET (Jean Cocteau, 1930)

Near the beginning, a tall, slender chimney starts to collapse; the action completes at the end. In between, then, in a split-second, lies a dimension where time doesn’t move forward but possesses depth.      According to Cocteau “a realistic document of unreal events,” Jean Cocteau’s Le sang d’un poète considers the sacrificial act of artistic creation. […]