TROUBLE EVERY DAY (Claire Denis, 2001)

Cannibalistic sex is contrasted with tenderness, which have broken down and become separate though never free from the threat of crossover, in Claire Denis’s vampire movie, Trouble Every Day, co-written by Jean-Pol Fargeau and Denis. Coré is kept locked up by her spouse, research scientist Léo Semeneau, who tries to come up with an antidote […]

STOLEN LIFE (Li Shaohong, 2005)

A crossing of symbiotic pathologies; from China, Sheng si jie details the relationship between a college student and a truck driver. The fact-based digital video won as best narrative feature at Tribeca.      It is a stunning social melodrama. Working from a script by Yimei Liao, Li Shaohong presents something of a character puzzle. At film’s […]