THE TAKE (Avi Lewis, 2004)

Occupy. Resist. Produce.      Canadian journalist Avi Lewis’s The Take is about the “movement of recovered companies” in today’s Argentina. President Carlos Menem (in office, 1989-1999) followed prescriptions of the International Monetary Fund (privatization of utilities and other public entities, company downsizing, corporate welfare, etc.), thereby reversing the expansion of Argentina’s middle class (begun under President […]

TSOTSI (Gavin Hood, 2005)

African films, like films from other continents, claim varying degrees of quality. Scarcely any merit, though, can be imputed to the 2005 Oscar-winning Tsotsi, by Gavin Hood. (For examples of superior African cinema, please consult my list of the 100 Greatest Films from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, which you will find elsewhere on […]