THE WAYWARD CLOUD (Tsai Ming-liang, 2004)

Tsai Ming-liang’s Tian Bian Yi Duo Yun is a sequel to his 2001 What Time Is It There? (Ni neibian jidian), the “there” being Paris, from which Shiang-chyi has returned to Taipei. On a pedestrian overpass she runs into former street vendor and boyfriend Hsiao-kang. “Do you still sell watches?” she asks. Hsiao-kang’s reply: “No.” […]

THE TRUCE (Francesco Rosi, 1997)

Degreed in chemistry, Primo Levi was a Jewish socialist in Italy, where “racial laws” restricted Jewish freedom and prospects. Ten years after the writer’s suicide, Francesco Rosi’s English-language La tregua dramatized the 24-year-old Levi’s long, arduous journey home to Turin after being liberated from Auschwitz, where he had spent fifteen months for anti-Fascist resistance activities. […]