JOHNNY MNEMONIC (Robert Longo, 1995)

At the end of Children Remember the Holocaust (1996), the exquisite documentary aimed at the young that Mark Gordon made with the capital he amassed from producing Speed (1994), Keanu Reeves pleads gently: “Open your heart.” Reeves might have been addressing the character he himself plays in Johnny Mnemonic, a futuristic pilgrim’s progress that takes […]

BEING JULIA (István Szabó, 2004)

In the early 1960s Lilli Palmer and Charles Boyer, no less, starred in a German-language farce titled Julia, Du bist zauberhaft, known in the States as Adorable Julia. Alfred Weidenmann directed (heavily), from a script based on one or more plays that was or were, in turn, based on the novella Theatre by W. Somerset […]

SOMERSAULT IN A COFFIN (Dervis Zaim, 1997)

Somersault in a Coffin (wonderful English title!*) tumbled here from Turkey, where it won the annually given national award as Best Film. (It also won both the Critics’ Award and the Golden Antigone as Best Film at Montpellier, the second prize, the Silver Alexander, at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, and both a special jury […]