LETTER FROM SIBERIA (Chris Marker, 1957)

Marco Polo called it the Land of Darkness; Chris Marker, the Land of Childhood, romance and electrification. Witty, mysterious, poetic, Marker’s first solo film, Lettre de Sibérie, draws upon his direct observation, boundless imagination, and the Dovzhenko films Ivan (1932) and Aerograd (Frontier, 1935). The mirror-like river; the taiga.      Marker’s narration (read by someone else) […]

DARESALAM (Issa Serge Cœlo, 2000)

From Chad, Burkina Faso and France, Daresalam is a fine work about political strife in Africa. It is about the conflict between rebels and post-colonialist forces. (Tyranny and oppression are all too constant.) Because the film refers to factionalism, civil wars, and tax revolts in a number of African nations beginning in the 1970s, its […]

SIN DEJAR HUELLA (María Novaro, 2000)

Culling bits from Antonioni, Hitchcock and Spielberg, among others, María Novaro’s Without a Trace is nonetheless bewitchingly about Mexico. Gorgeously cinematographed by Serguei Saldívar Tanaka, it follows two women, one a hitchhiker, as the pair travel along Mexico’s back roads in a station wagon, a red car in ominous pursuit. Their destination is Cancún, but […]