SIN DEJAR HUELLA (María Novaro, 2000)

Culling bits from Antonioni, Hitchcock and Spielberg, among others, María Novaro’s Without a Trace is nonetheless bewitchingly about Mexico. Gorgeously cinematographed by Serguei Saldívar Tanaka, it follows two women, one a hitchhiker, as the pair travel along Mexico’s back roads in a station wagon, a red car in ominous pursuit. Their destination is Cancún, but […]

GERVAISE (René Clément, 1956)

From Émile Zola’s novel L’Assomoir, Gervaise takes place in a nineteenth-century Parisian working-class neighborhood. Their gray, dilapidated, circumscribed existence makes inhabitants accomplices to one another’s dreams, but also the jealous inhibitors and ambushers of these dreams. Disappointments deepen capacities to behave recklessly against oneself and others. Environment feeds disappointments, which in turn tighten the environment’s […]