LES BONNES FEMMES (Claude Chabrol, 1960)

Written by Chabrol and Paul Gégauff, Claude Chabrol’s masterpiece depicts the bleak, harsh world of four Parisian shopgirls. Along with Que la bête meure (1969), this is Chabrol’s most personal film, as well as his starkest and most exacting. Its initial hostile reception found Chabrol (after a dip into rank commercialism) replacing its style with […]


     An alternately rich and not-so-rich behavioral comedy largely set in a rural Czech railway station during the Nazi occupation, Jirí Menzel’s Ostre sledované vlaky, from Bohumil Hrabel and Menzel’s script, tracks young trainee Milǒs Hrma as he surveys the sexual shenanigans of his elders and achingly longs to lose his virginity. Twice, one thing or […]