YANCO (Servando González, 1961)

A stunning assault on Roman Catholicism, which Spain imposed on Mexican natives during the three centuries it colonized Mexico beginning in the 1500s, Yanco comes from Mexico. Servando González has wrought a deeply affecting, lyrical, highly symbolical work whose protagonist, Juanito, lives with his mother, María, in a small village. The time is the present, […]

MAIDSTONE (Norman Mailer, 1970)

Probably I was in the movies.      That might have been a lovely way to open—or to close—Maidstone, which Norman Mailer, America’s greatest post-World War II author (both fiction and non-), wrote, directed, starred in, and co-edited, drawing apparent inspiration from Jean Renoir, Jean-Luc Godard and John Cassavetes. Mailer plays Norman Kingsley, U.S. presidential aspirant, like […]