UNE FEMME DOUCE (Robert Bresson, 1969)

In Robert Bresson’s first color film, Une femme douce, based on Dostoievski’s story “Krotkaya,” Luc loses his beautiful young wife (Dominique Sanda, brilliant), who drops from their bourgeois balcony to the classless street. Indulging his complacency, Luc impresses Anna, the maid, into listening to his half-hearted flashbacking attempt to piece together the puzzle of the […]

ALL ABOUT LILY CHOU-CHOU (Shunji Iwai, 2001)

A film composed almost entirely of fleeting and sometimes esoteric sensations, Shunji Iwai’s Riri Shushu no subete aims nonetheless at a complex portrait of contemporary young Japanese teenagers. The superficiality of the film is, one supposes, correlative to the superficial lives, thoughts and feelings of these children.      Iwai’s rough, perpetually near-epileptic use of handheld camera […]