FACES OF CHILDREN (Jacques Feyder, 1924)

Belgian filmmaker Jacques Feyder’s Swiss silent Visages d’enfants is morally monstrous.      I know: You have heard how “sensitive” the film is, how grippingly it illuminates the feelings of children. Now hear me: Despite the fact that every frame of it glows with strikingly beautiful cinematography (by Léonce-Henri Burel and Paul Parguel), this movie is depraved, […]

DIARY FOR MY CHILDREN (Márta Mészáros, 1981; 1984)

Writer-director Márta Mészáros’s autobiographical Napló gyermekeimnek is highly specific and detailed about daily life under Communism. Juli, 14, is brought back to Hungary from Soviet Russia, along with adoptive relations, by her “grandfather”’s sister, Magda, an editorial office Communist Party official. We see rebellious Juli at 16 and 20; as Juli grows to responsible womanhood, […]