BARABBAS (Richard Fleischer, 1961)

Engrossing, (by Raymond Poulton and Alberto Gallitti) brilliantly edited, Richard Fleischer’s Barabbas is nonetheless an outrage on two fronts. It is mostly mediocre, at times tacky. The (actual) solar eclipse is gorgeous, but little else evokes any Christian sense of mystery. Outrageous also is the fact that an earlier, purportedly excellent version (1953) of Pär […]

METROPOLIS (Fritz Lang, 1926)

Raving the latest restoration/incarnation of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, dance critic Mindy Aloff noted at the last, “The problem is that it’s Metropolis.” No matter how Lang’s most famous science-fiction epic is doctored, expanded or otherwise amended, it is still Metropolis.      So long as it hews to expressionistic representations of robotic mass labor, Metropolis is a […]