SECRETS OF A SOUL (G. W. Pabst, 1926)

Two films by Georg Wilhelm Pabst are on my list of the 100 best films ever made; four more are on my list of the 100 best films from Germany, Scandinavia and Austria. Geheimnisse einer Seele, which I watched for the first time today, is a big disappointment. It isn’t all that bad (I will […]

TOWARDS EVENING (Francesca Archibugi, 1991)

“Where would we be without Hegel?” “We’d be better off.” Written by the director, along with Claudia Sbarigia and Gloria Malatesta, Francesca Archibugi’s Verso sera is lovely. The protagonist is Ludovico Bruschi, a retired university professor, widower and old Communist, who finds himself locking idealogical and behavioral horns with Stella, the young mother of his […]