LIONS LOVE (Agnès Varda, 1969)

There is an exquisite moment of postmodernist self-reflexivity in Agnès Varda’s free-flowing tragicomedy Lions Love. It involves Shirley Clarke, who is playing Shirley Clarke, which is to say, herself, the New York filmmaker of The Connection (1962) and Portrait of Jason (1967), who has come to Hollywood, the town of Desi[l]lusions (what a word-play!), to […]

LEONOR (Juan Luis Buñuel, 1975)

A bewitching, soulful medieval vampire movie played out against the background of the Black Plague, Leonor, from Spain, France and Italy, is a work of death, loss, suffering, undying love, romantic obsession, doomed remarriage, child abductions, environmentalism, the bridgeable “gap between life and death,” harsh hoofbeats, rough mountains, bleating sheep and howling winds. Juan Luis […]