In stone cities I draw a beast breath. It takes so much to keep the wind dry. I guzzle sunlight, drop to the dark one by one. Flesh turns to milk. I miss joy and quiet rest. I think myself holy, consider the punishment, but there are rules and rules I’ve not been told. To […]


Unembroidered clouds cloak dusk. Birds go or have gone on. The stirred wind, their one song, draws us to its breath like sand. Nothing is more lost than wind. We shelter, worship, pray. Clouds darken. Dimmed stars shed pearls of cold wine. Hanging like a bat, air fights wind. Choose air or wind. In spring, […]


Walls do not sleep. Their stones possess the dignity of a perfectly folded handkerchief. Indoors, coffee broods; hands taut as pins get busy, hush the air. There is no getting in. Is the place locked although my eyes do not shut? All around the house are roses. They are red like roses.