WITNESSES (Vinko Brešan, 2003)

The Serbo-Croatian War, from 1991-1995, is both the background and the foreground of an intricately, ingeniously devised antiwar film, Svjedoci (a.k.a. Ovce od gipsa), which primarily takes place in a Croatian town, with forays to the front. The time scheme isn’t chronological; rather, the film keeps returning in pieces and patches, even more than once, […]

GIGI (Vincente Minnelli, 1958)

From Colette’s novella, Vincente Minnelli’s Gigi took the opposite route of other Lerner-Loewe musicals: it began as a film and was subsequently adapted for the stage. Lerner’s script and lyrics are excellent; Loewe’s music is rich, varied, wonderful.      Turn-of-the-century Paris; to ensure her future, schoolgirl Gilberte (“Gigi”) is being groomed in the family tradition of […]