THE COMEDY OF POWER (Claude Chabrol, 2006)

Corruption in Elf-Acquitaine, France’s massively profitable national oil company, is usually described in the States in terms of corporate embezzlement or sideline sexual improprieties; but it also revealed the astonishing tenacity of European colonialism, which has found ways of persisting under new guises past its official death. Western European nations other than France were eventually […]

BLACK GIRL (Ousmane Sembène, 1965)

Senegalese writer-director Ousmane Sembène’s first feature is ruefully funny, painfully emotionally descriptive and, ultimately, sharply ironical. Its title, La Noire de . . ., consigns its spirited protagonist, Diouana, to the multitudes of anonymous souls who leave Africa and become stranded, lost in Europe. An also unnamed French white couple have lured Diouana from the […]