Faces of clocks assure us that we are witnessing time as we know it, but our eyes protest. Four bowler hats float through space, at one point becoming three, but then being a foursome again. Water flows back into a hose. But let’s rewind for a moment. Starting his day at the mirror, which is […]

8 x 8: A CHESS SONATA IN EIGHT MOVEMENTS (Hans Richter, 1957)

Gorgeous, spirited, enigmatic, avant-garde writer-director Hans Richter’s almost entirely speechless 8 x 8: A Chess Sonata in Eight Movements takes its title from the grid of a chessboard. Richter’s sophisticated air, celebrity stars (Jean Arp, Paul Bowles, Alexander Calder, Jean Cocteau, Peggy Guggenheim, Man Ray, etc.), dazzling down-the-rabbit-hole enchantment, bag of tricks (reverse motion, jump-cuts, […]