TWO ENGLISH GIRLS (François Truffaut, 1971)

Les deux anglaises et le continent, based on Henri-Pierre Roché’s autobiographical 1956 novel, is one of François Truffaut’s most melancholy and deeply affecting films. Bending to a producer’s demand, Truffaut mutilated this impressionistic turn-of-the-century masterpiece by diminishing the roles of the “deux anglaises”—a decision he regretted and reversed, restoring the film to fullness shortly before […]

LES DAMES DU BOIS DE BOULOGNE (Robert Bresson, 1945)

Denis Diderot, whose belief that knowledge is power was the impetus for his Encyclopédie during the Enlightenment, also wrote novels, including Jacques le fataliste (1773; 1796), an episode of which Robert Bresson, updating the plot to the present, adapted as Les dames du Bois de Boulogne. Under a political cloud, Jean Cocteau, who contributed brilliant […]