YOL (Serif Gören, 1982)

Heavy, tedious Turkish arthouse melodrama, The Road is more interesting for its history than in and of itself. Scenarist Yilmaz Güney, an ethnic Kurd, could not film The Road because he was a political prisoner of Turkey’s military regime. Therefore, his assistant, Serif Gören, shot the film. Turkey had had a military coup in 1960 […]

SWEET ADELINE (Mervyn LeRoy, 1934)

Count this one of the great Hollywood musicals of the 1930s. You may recall that Andrew Sarris, disparaging Mervyn LeRoy’s filmography in general, considered Irene Dunne’s performance in his turn-of-the-century Sweet Adeline as being “worth any number of clinkers.” Indeed, Dunne is magnificent as Adeline Schmidt, who, following her father’s foolish advice, trades in a […]