IT ALL STARTS TODAY (Bertrand Tavernier, 1999)

For the past thirty-five years former law student Bertrand Tavernier has been one of France’s most accomplished filmmakers—a great artist, some believe. I admire Tavernier’s work, but I have never warmed up to it. His dry, highly intelligent and sensible films have seemed too much, to me as well as others, a reaction against the […]

LIFE IS A MIRACLE (Emir Kusturíca, 2004)

Although there is much to like about it (a good deal of the film is hilarious, and its boisterousness is life-affirming), Emir Kusturíca’s Zivot je cudo goes on too long, thins out, and romantically ends allegedly happily, but with a romance involving one character whom we have ceased to care about and another we have […]