THE ORGANIZER (Mario Monicelli, 1963)

In late nineteenth-century Turin, at a textile mill laborers clock in 14-hour days, increasing risk to life and limb, for little pay, no benefits. Organized by a socialist, a former schoolteacher from Genoa who is fleeing authorities, the workers strike. Professor Sinigaglia is certain the strikers will prevail. He sees righteously; but the Professor is […]

VOICES THROUGH TIME (Franco Piavoli, 1996)

In a bucolic Italian village, Castellaro, Franco Piavoli’s Voices through Time (Voci nel tempo) records a cycle of the four seasons that, as readers of poetry know, shimmers at once with both the mortal human round and the eternal condition of spirit, that is, the cosmic permanence encompassing this round. What we witness are the […]