THE LAST METRO (François Truffaut, 1980)

François Truffaut’s Le dernier métro opens promisingly. Accompanying newsreels, Truffaut’s voiceover (which will return later on) provides facts and figures about the German occupation of parts of France. The title is explained. Because of the curfew that the occupiers have imposed, it was important not to miss the day’s last train. The setting here is […]

CALL ME MADAM (Walter Lang, 1953)

Nothing that Walter Lang directed, including the original Mr. Belvedere-comedy Sitting Pretty (1948) or The King and I (1956), was top-drawer, and neither is Call Me Madam, based on the Howard Lindsay-Russel Crouse stage musical about Perle Mesta, Washington hostess, rechristened Sally Adams, with music and lyrics by Irving Berlin. But Lang’s tuneful musical-comedy, in […]