THE MARRIED WOMAN (Jean-Luc Godard, 1964)

Against a blank wall, a naked hand appears. The woman flexes her fingers, to feel palm with fingernails. “I think; therefore I am.” Here: “I feel me; therefore, I am.” The hand touches the wall so that the woman can feel her hand. Ironically, this transforms the wall from backdrop into something functional, tactile. The […]

WHEN ANGELS FALL (Roman Polanski, 1959)

Not until the end of Gdy spadają anioły, Roman Polanski’s graduation film for Poland’s national film school, do we realize that the aerial-view in on roofs is an angel’s-eye view of Earth. Who doubts that Wim Wenders and Claire Denis, co-directors of Wings of Desire (1987), had seen Polanski’s film, although their film shows Berlin, […]