THE WITMAN BOYS (János Szász, 1997)

János Szász’s Woyzeck (1994) is brilliant; but how good a filmmaker would Hungary’s Szász prove to be without the Büchner to work with? Answer: damn good. Evidence: Witman fiúk.      At the turn of the century, two bourgeois schoolboys, János and Ernö Witman, lose their father. They more or less also lose their mother, who either […]


His Sense and Sensibility (1995) crackled with such emotional excitement some of us mistakenly concluded that Taiwan’s Ang Lee could direct. Since then, his papier-mâché Wo hu cang long, for all its martial-arts spectacle, has proven otherwise. Plainly, the earlier wonderful film owed more to Jane Austin, Emma Thomson’s script and the performances of his […]