DERSU UZALA (Akira Kurosawa, 1975)

Based on Vladimir Arseniev’s memoir Dersu, okhotnik, Dersu Uzala is the story of two men, Arseniev, a Russian army captain in charge of expeditions surveying the Siberian wilderness, and Dersu, an elderly Goldi hunter whom he meets on one expedition, and then another five years later, and befriends. Dersu is associated with death and losses. […]

CHINA IS NEAR (Marco Bellocchio, 1967)

The dysfunctional family in Marco Bellocchio’s second feature, La Cina è vicina, which Bellocchio co-wrote with Elda Tattoli, is a whole lot funnier than the dysfunctional family in his first one, Fists in the Pocket (1965). Glauco Mauri is beautifully bedeviled as Vittorio, a political science professor who is guiltily entrenched in aristocracy and massive […]


Here is an English translation of Géza Csáth’s story “Anyagyilkosság,” on which János Szász’s film “The Witman Boys” is based. Hungarian educator and film scholar Judith Sollosy is the translator. Following the story you will find a note about the translator. Matricide for Ernő Osvát If the father of healthy and handsome boys dies before […]