REPRISE (Joachim Trier, 2006)

From Norway, Joachim Trier’s Reprise revolves around two kids in their twenties who wrote novels and dream of literary success. Both drop manuscripts into the same mailbox at the same time. One boy succeeds; his book is accepted and published, and Phillip (Anders Danielson Lie, okay) becomes a minor celebrity. The other’s manuscript is turned […]

RED CLIFF (John Woo, 2008)

John Woo’s expensive return to Asian filmmaking—in U.S. dollars the production cost 80 million—is dense with third-century Chinese history, overpopulated with marching extras and extras on horseback, and, for all that, sparse and schematic. Grunt, slash, spray, grunt, slash, spray . . . . Chi bi alternates between mostly dull, static royal and military talkfests […]