INTERMEZZO (Gustaf Molander, 1936)

Gösta Ekman is wonderful as concert violinist Holger Brandt, who has an affair with his child’s piano instructor, Anita Hoffman. A point of interest of Gustaf Molander’s moving melodrama Intermezzo, from Sweden, is the contrast between Ekman’s old-style, somewhat grand but extraordinarily disciplined acting and 21-year-old Ingrid Bergman’s moodier, less contained acting, to which she […]

THE CRIMINAL (Joseph Losey, 1960)

Joseph Losey’s The Criminal (originally released in the States, truncated, as The Concrete Jungle) doesn’t explain much; viewers get to feel they are crossing a complex of lives at some middle point. This bleak, incisive film about prison culture and the workday underworld outside, which somewhat taps a Jean-Pierre Melvillean vein, doesn’t feel packaged. It […]