HIDE AND SEEK (Su Friedrich, 1996)

One aspect of Su Friedrich’s black-and-white Hide and Seek consists of documentary remarks by women about their childhood discovery of their lesbianism. These reminiscences are interwoven into a fictional tale of one girl’s parallel self-discovery in the mid-1960s. This aspect was co-written by Friedrich and her partner, Cathy Nan Quinlan. When I say “interwoven” I […]

COMMENT ÇA VA? (Jean-Luc Godard, Anne-Marie Miéville, 1976)

Twice during Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville’s very beautiful How’s It Going?, we see graffiti on an outside wall consisting of a swastika and a circle—an expression of fascism. Or is it? The circle, on top, makes a target out of the swastika; this, then, is anti-fascist. But this presumes that the swastika preceded the […]