ELVIRA MADIGAN (Bo Widerberg, 1967)

Bo Widerberg’s Elvira Madigan has invited such contrary views as to what it is saying, what it is about, that one might be forgiven for thinking that opposing camps of commentators are discussing two entirely different films. (In a way, perhaps they are.) Depending on one’s viewpoint, the Swedish film, based on an actual pair […]

THE PASSION OF ANNA (Ingmar Bergman, 1969)

One of writer-director Ingmar Bergman’s most stirring and beautifully crafted films, En Passion finds Andreas Winkelman (Max von Sydow, wonderful) isolated on a small, barren island where sheep and other animals are being murdered. Winkelman’s wife, citing his “cancer of the soul,” has vacated their marriage; alone in bed at night, at one point Winkelman […]