DARATT (Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, 2006)

Blind, elderly Gumar Abatcha cannot believe his ears as he, along with 16-year-old grandson Atim, listens to the announcement on the radio that “criminals” from Chad’s forty-year civil war have been granted amnesty. Gumar’s son was murdered by Nassara, who is among those covered by this amnesty. Gumar sets Atim off to find Nassara and […]

TEN NIGHTS OF DREAM (Kon Ichikawa, 2006)

Ten different Japanese filmmakers contribute short films to Yume jû-ya. One is master Kon Ichikawa, whose contribution is his penultimate piece of work. The “second night of dream” is a miniature marvel—more evidence that Ichikawa is, following Ozu, the greatest Japanese filmmaker.      There are two male characters, one of whom is middle-aged, the other perhaps […]