GOYOKIN (Hideo Gosha, 1969)

Tatsuya Nakadai is spare and intense as Magobei Wakizaka, a ronin—a masterless samurai—attempting to redeem his past and revive his soul by thwarting a repeat of the mass slaughter of villagers three years earlier to conceal the confiscation of mined gold and silver ordered by Rokugo Tatewaki, chief retainer of the Sanabai clan, the honor […]

THE CLOCKMAKER (Bertrand Tavernier, 1973)

Dedicated to scenarist Jacques Prévert, and written by the director and the pre-nouvelle vague team of Aurenche and Bost, Bertrand Tavernier’s first feature, L’horloger de Saint-Paul, transplants a Georges Simenon novel from small-town America to Tavernier’s own Lyons. It is about a clockmaker’s stance of solidarity with his teenaged son, who has confessed to the […]