SUSANA (Luis Buñuel, 1951)

Perhaps the dreariest of the films that Spaniard Luis Buñuel made in Mexico, Susana—also known as The Devil and the Flesh—finds a woman undoing the tranquility of the household with whom she takes refuge after escaping from a reformatory one stormy night. One early on knows that things aren’t going to work well here when, […]

OLIGARKH (Pavel Lungin, 2002)

One of the most exhilarating and, finally, rueful of post-Soviet Russian films, Tycoon: A New Russian is, however, perhaps more smart-alecky than smart. Regardless, it is very entertaining, with the protagonist, entrepreneur Plato Makovski (Vladimir Mashkov, good), standing in for real-life Boris Berezovsky. Plato owns Infocar, a media conglomerate, which marks Russia’s descent into privatization […]