In fifth-century Gaul, shepherdess Astrée is willfully blind to shepherd Céladon’s chaste love and unwavering fidelity; she allows herself to become jealous by the sight of rival Semyrus pressing her lips against Céladon’s. It is Astrée who pressed Céladon to feign romance with Semyrus to deceive his parents, who loathe her (Astrée); now she tells […]

OUTSOURCED (John Jeffcoat, 2006)

Western Novelty, which markets “patriotic nick-knacks,” is moving its operation, including the call-center that Todd Anderson manages, from Seattle to Gharapur, a town near Mumbai, for the sake of the company’s bottom line. (Don’t stress trying to find Gharapur on a map; it’s made-up.) Todd, an American smart-aleck, must bring his replacement, Purohit N. Virajnarianan, […]

A TALE OF THE WIND (Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan, 1988)

Ninety-year-old Dutch documentarian Joris Ivens’s last film, which he co-wrote and co-directed with wife Marceline Loridan, is set in China. Ivens died the following year.      Une histoire de vent mixes various elements, including encounters, travelogue, dreams of childhood, film allusions, conjurings of Chinese myth, as Ivens pursues his lifelong attempt to film the invisible wind—a […]